Banking CX: Agile Strategies for Uncertain Times

FORMAT: On-Demand Webinar

Consumer banking needs have changed—in short- and long-term ways. Which banks are rising to the occasion? And how can your organization keep up with the zigs and zags 2020 keeps throwing at us?

Our latest research surveyed banking customers prior to and during COVID-19 to see how social distancing is impacting journeys, values, and decision making.

In this webinar, our Customer Experience experts discuss recommendations banks can implement now to stay agile throughout the rest of 2020—and keep listening for a successful long-term VoC strategy.


Karly Szczepkowski, Verint

Karly Szczepkowski

Research Analyst and VXI Author

Karly Szczepkowski is a lead analyst managing syndicated research and over 800 benchmark categories for Verint. She has worked in customer experience for 7 years advising customers on great CX.

Eric Head, Verint

Eric Head

Vice President

With close to 20 years in the CX space, Eric has worked with clients across several industries to establish their measurement programs and improve the experiences they deliver. He a frequent speaker on CX best practices.