How 2020 Challenges Can Become 2021 Opportunities
30mins each
This time last year, before our lives abruptly swerved, our annual VXI: Retail CX report found that retailers needed to confront three big issues: rising CX expectations, adoption of digital self-service, and expanding fulfillment options. As it turned out, those were exactly the areas retailers had to get right to ride out the wave of 2020—instead of being pulled down by the undertow.

Join us for a series of webinars that dive in to how retailers can do more than tread water in 2021.

All live webinars begin at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT and last 30 minutes, inclusive of time for live Q&A.

The Retail Customer Purchase Journey
Digital is growing, but the journey is still omnichannel. Even in a pandemic, 46% of customers who made a purchase started in a store. And curbside pickup—an option we didn't even consider in 2019—beat out BOPIS in fulfillment popularity. 2020 looked different than previous years, but what changes are here for the next six months, and which are sticking around for longer?

How Communication and Support Saved Retailers in 2020
It may feel like "back to basics" but during times of near-constant change, clear communication and competent support instill trust in your brand. While digital self-service can save your business millions of dollars, you can't automate the human element. We'll discuss the differences in what customers want in digital versus support channels, and how your business can benefit by understanding the nuance.

What's Next? Retail CX Recommendations for 2021
While we didn't predict the second T. Swift album, we did get Retail CX recommendations right for 2020. New fulfillment methods like curbside pickup, and a new wave of young, Gen-Z shoppers are changing the retail road map. Let our data guide your 2021 CX priorities—from quick website fixes to long-term experience quality vision for your brand.

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VP, Experience Leadership
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Research Analyst
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XM Marketing Programs Manager
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