Banking Customer Experience Data
30mins each
Across banking, companies focus on expanding relationships they have with existing customers as a way to increase loyalty, boost revenue, and gain market share. Measuring and managing the customer experience can shed light on the most effective ways to achieve these goals.

Join Verint and Kiran Analytics for three webinars which expand on our latest consumer CX research:

What Drives Banking Customer Satisfaction?
CX is the key competitive battlefront for financial institutions. The top banks are setting a high bar, but if other U.S. banks prioritize CX, they can win. We'll discuss how to find, understand, and prioritize improvements based on CX. Satisfied customers are more likely to continue their relationships with the bank, purchase additional services, use the website, use the app, and trust the bank overall.

CX Trends: How Banking Customer Preferences Are Shifting in 2021
All customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex. The number of engagement channels and resulting paths has doubled or even tripled over the last decade. Customers choose digital first at an accelerated pace and prefer self-service and social channels. However, they still expect informed, relevant, and authentic interactions—including human interaction—when they want it.

Digital Banking's Role in Maintaining Customer Relationships
Digital self-service plays a huge role when customers consider expanding their relationships with a bank. As many banks pursue a digital-first or digital containment strategy, it's important to understand that channel's impact on the full customer journey.


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Kerim Tumay
VP Marketing, Kiran Analytics
Eric Head
VP, Experience Leadership
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Research Analyst
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