Metrigy MetriStar Awards: Voice of the Customer Platforms

In this 2021 Metrigy study, the research firm evaluated and received customer input on 15 Voice of the Customer (VoC) providers. By evaluating vendors based on both business success and customer ratings, Metrigy was able to identify providers that are delivering across the board. These providers help their customers improve business metrics through the use of their products and services—the ultimate goal of any technology strategy.

Metrigy issues a MetriStar Top Provider award to those who achieve success in both business success and customer sentiment. Verint is proud to have been awarded the Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider 2021 award for Voice of the Customer Platforms!

Among all VoC providers, Verint had the highest percentage of its customers in the research success group (72.7%). Specifically, Verint customers saw:

  • Revenue increase by 40.5%
  • Customer ratings improve by 118%
  • Agent efficiency rise by 61.2%

Verint customers also were pleased with the platform, with an overall rating of 3.33. Verint’s highest ratings were in reporting and output capabilities (3.64) and ease of programming (3.51). These are two crucial areas of VoC platforms, as they address the ease with which organizations can quickly program a survey or questionnaire to get feedback—and then the ability to receive output to conduct analysis. Once the analysis is complete, it’s vital for companies to take action and make adjustments to regularly improve CX.

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