Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants (2021 Edition)

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The Opus Research team explores the intelligent assistance solution stack in this 2021 edition report. As 13 top enterprise virtual assistant providers continue to grow and offer a wide range of “enabling technologies”, this annual report evaluates and compares these firms to better understand their platforms & technology, integration points & scalability, track record and future vision. You’ll learn how Verint and other market leaders incorporate data or processes that Opus Research calls “Conversational Intelligence” and get a side-by-side view of how these intelligent assistant providers stack up in the “Intelliview Map”. Enterprise decision makers should consider:

  • The evolution of intelligent assistants – from risky to robust
  • Expediency and complexity – what’s most important
  • The impact of Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft
  • Automation and conversational service support
  • How the pandemic has accelerated intelligent assistant adoption
  • The selection criteria for today’s top intelligent assistant providers

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