Experience Quality: A New CX Framework
Use automation and predictive data analytics to drive action across the organization—and boost CSAT and NPS®
This eBook is for strategic decision makers—executives, heads of operations, and channel managers—and lays out a unified strategy for improving CX that also raises satisfaction and boosts business benefits.

Download now to understand why we emphasize...

  • data sharing and coordinated action
  • leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and machine learning
  • making executive buy-in a key element of any CX program
A New CX Framework

Businesses invest heavily in tracking and improving CX metrics that should guide actions taken across the organization, from small tactical improvements to big strategic decisions. But are those metrics enough? Are they the right lens? 

Most organizations struggle to move the needle on satisfaction. They lack the certainty about where and how to prioritize improvements, or the relevant insights necessary for each stakeholder to do their job—tactical hot fixes, operational changes, or strategic investments.

Something is missing.

A new framework is needed to consolidate, visualize, and analyze experience data to drive fast, smart decision making—and improve beacon metrics like CSAT and NPS.

We call it Experience Quality.
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