How Costco Nurtures Quality Experiences to Thrive Through Change
In our annual rankings, Costco placed highest in customer satisfaction -- above Amazon, Target, Apple, and others.

In this conversation with Costco's Jamie Abernathy, Director of Staff Development, she'll share how Costco thrives in a continually transforming retail landscape by staying true to their core values and nurturing quality experiences for members, employees, and suppliers.

Your brand can't be Costco -- because your customers expect you to be YOU. We'll discuss how CX pros can uncover the unique business aspects that drive satisfaction for your organization.

We'll also share practical ways you can see results based on your CX data:
  • How to uncover what matters most to your customers
  • What insight awaits by connecting data across internal departments
  • Using text and speech analytics to inform digital strategy

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Jamie Abernathy
Director of Staff Development
US Member Service Centers
Eric Head
VP, Experience Leadership
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