It’s time to do the maths. To help you quantify the scope we have created this easy ROI Calculator.

Using your current interaction volume, assumed engagement levels and an estimated deflection rate. You can validate if the proposed scope makes sense to move forward. If you find your ROI doesn't stack up, try revisiting your scope to see which ones can be included without adversely impacting project costs. You can use these data points as a baseline to track and measure going forward.

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We also offer our AI Blueprintâ„¢ An end to end service designed to relieve you from the burden of the complexities of scoping the project. Whether you are starting a chatbot project or looking to improve your existing chatbots, Verint's AI tools can help you identify the right use cases and de-risk your AI investments with a data led approach.
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Complete the form to access your ROI calculator.


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