The Secret to Low-Code Chatbots & How to Use Them for Your Organization
Self-service and automation are becoming increasingly essential for businesses everywhere – to help reduce costs, improve productivity, and most importantly, increase customer satisfaction. More businesses are turning to conversational AI solutions that are intuitive to build, quick to deploy and allow them the flexibility they need to support the long-term growth of their business.

In this whitepaper, gain more in-depth knowledge of low-code chatbot technology, how to know if it’s the best route for your business and why future scale and flexibility is essential to your success. Plus, learn how you can put Verint’s industry-leading AI to work for your business with Verint IVA Professional (Pro) Package. Verint IVA Pro Package is a low-code conversational AI offering for business professionals.  

With Verint IVA Pro Package, you can:

  • Allow non-technical staff to build and deploy a user-friendly IVA in days
  • Rapidly turn existing conversation data into automated self-service
  • Measure ROI and business value to meet your goals
  • Develop new capabilities fast with Verint Cloud
  • Access expert support when needed

Download your copy of the whitepaper to learn more about low-code chatbot technology and how Verint can help you start simple and become limitless with Verint IVA Pro Package.


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