Health Insurer's Guide to
Conversational AI

The health insurance landscape is increasingly competitive. Today’s consumers want convenience and around-the-clock support. Plus, they are exponentially more digitally savvy. Now more than ever, self-service plays a vital role in any customer service strategy.

To help health insurers address some of their top challenges, we offer the Verint IVA Member Services Cloud QuickStart. This intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) provides friendly, cost-effective support for insurers’ members through HIPAA-compliant, conversational AI.

The IVA supports personalized engagement for nearly every area of customer service operations—providing 24/7 support to members, handling thousands of interactions at a time, and freeing up your contact center agents to focus on higher-level issues.

Conversational AI solutions help health insurers leverage data, automate processes, and gain or sustain a highly coveted competitive advantage.

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