Verint's Security Virtual Experience webinar series is the best platform to hear what’s new with Verint, and how other banks and credit unions are tackling security’s biggest challenges. Hear what tips leading industry experts have to share with you to help you be successful.

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What’s New with VVI: The Industry’s Most Powerful Video Management Software for Security and Fraud Investigations

Watch to our on-demand webinar from Verint product experts highlighting what’s new with VVI and why some of the top banks are leveraging this tool. You'll hear how VVI can simplify operations, helping you do more with less, what’s new with the current platform and what’s coming in the next release and why banks and credit unions are impressed with the data and ROI provided to the organization.

Navigating Today’s Security Challenges: A Discussion with Leading Banks

Ensuring comprehensive security and efficient business operations can be challenging for today’s financial institutions, as the variety and complexity of threats and vulnerabilities continue to increase. To address areas such as fraud, risk, and compliance, organizations must stay prepared and proactive by taking advantage of the latest technologies and trends in the industry. This panel will analyze the innovative solutions that exist to achieve this goal, using personal experiences to demonstrate the best processes available.

Leveraging Verint Op-Center for Greater Efficiencies

Looking to effectively deploy, operate, and make the most of Verint Op-Center across your branch network? Berkshire Bank’s Tina Pickup and Origin Bank's Randy Bullock have the insight to demonstrate just how this can be done — and to showcase the power of this video management solution. Op-Center helps the bank’s security team gain insights into how their system is operating to ensure maximum up-time. You’ll also hear from our Verint product director around what’s new with Verint Op-Center and how your financial institution can benefit from this tool.

Reopening the Doors: How Financial Organizations are Addressing Health, Compliance and Community-Focus Areas

Bringing employees and customers back to the workplace safely requires resilience, adaptability, and reinvention. Financial institutions across the country are considering their reopening strategies and timelines and evaluating the processes and guidance needed to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Whether you are a business leader, a security director, a fraud specialist, or a cybercrime investigator, you must adjust to new processes to address the potential risks prevalent in the current environment.

Convergence of Fraud, Physical Security and AI to Increase ROI

Fraud prevention and risk management have long been managed in silos by separate fraud, risk and IT teams, which typically only collaborate after a security breach. But with the rise of AI and the digital transformation boom, a convergence of these functions is emerging. In this webinar, Verint and ToolCASE experts will explain how applying AI and a risk-based approach can help manage security vulnerabilities to detect and predict threats before fraud occurs.

Verint Takes to the Cloud: Introduction to Verint Video Xchange

While security systems have advanced over the years, there
are still some challenges financial institutions face around accessing and sharing intelligence. For years, banks and credit
unions have relied on CD’s, DVD’s, thumb drives and third-party storage solutions to access and share video files with internal and external shareholders. This has proven to be an extremely time-consuming and complex process.

The Rise of ATM Attacks: How to Stay One-Step Ahead to Protect Your Bank

Today, more than ever, there is a need for banks and credit unions to recognize that ATMs require the same levels of rolling security provision and upgrading as every other aspect of their infrastructure. ATM attacks are changing and adapting all the time. It is therefore essential for banks to understand this threat and to keep the integrity of their ATM security one step ahead.

Why Verint Op-Center is the Answer

With enhanced cybersecurity through on-demand firmware updates, modernized data visualization with charts and graphs, and the ability to centrally monitor and maintain NVRs in any number of locations, Verint Op-Center does it all. Hear from Verint, STS Group, Hancock Whitney Bank and TCF Bank to get an inside look at how Verint customers are using Op-Center’s newest features and key benefits to tackle their day-to-day security challenges.