A paradigm shift is underway in financial risk and compliance — driven by a changing regulatory landscape, the use of new communication channels in trading, and emerging new technologies. Given concerns about the escalating cost of compliance, resource constraints, and increased scrutiny by financial regulators, it is hardly surprising that companies are looking for new approaches to reduce risk and enable holistic controls. Particularly, due to the massive adoption of new digital channels used on the trading floor and the recent regulations governing them, companies need to be prepared to keep all trade-related interactions and the trading workflow within compliant boundaries.

WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of Risk and Compliance from financial firms from across Europe to find out more about their challenges and the trends they expect will impact their function. Additionally, this report provides exclusive insights around perceptions, concerns and predictions with regards to communications recording, automation and surveillance.

Download the benchmark survey report to gain a better view of:

  • The role of AI and robotics across the compliance and control functions
  • Budget expectations for risk and regulatory technology
  • Trends in digital communications capture and surveillance from chat to mobile
  • The biggest regulatory challenges for the European financial community
  • Planned regulatory technology investments for the next years
  • Compliance applications of recorded voice and eComms data