Backed by insight from 18,000 consumers worldwide, research conducted by Verint and Ovum reveals the dramatic shift in the way companies must engage with customers.

  • 89% say good service makes them feel more positively about brands.
  • 80% just want their questions answered while 55% believe customer service is a transaction.
  • 51% like having personalized service while 49% are suspicious about how data is being used.
  • Long-term engagements are on the decline: 85% to 60% since 2012.

More than just the research findings, our eBook was developed to help companies like yours zero in on these new rules, how they impact your business and the seven winning strategies to help you optimize customer engagement for the long-term. It’s more than just knowing the rules; it’s about understanding the necessary tools and strategy to align your business objectives — to take your customer engagement to the next level.